Our Products

Big Boy Automated Targets offers automated targets for commercial and recreational installations as well as mobile units designed for individuals to hone their precision. Our standalone targets are tuned for tactical and advanced marksmanship training, suitable for gun ranges as well as battery powered field units for individuals, marksmanship professionals and competitions.

Modular and Customizable

Achieve your marksmanship goals with Big Boy Automated Targets customizable and modular target systems. Choose your own configuration with these options.



Target Shape
and Color

Speed Control
and Direction

Family Owned, Texas Bred

We are shooting enthusiasts, engineering geniuses, and lovers of Big Boy toys.

Founded by Jerry Watkins and Bill Bonjonia, Big Boy Automated Targets and its sister company, Big Boy Shooting Galleries, were born out of a desire to create training and shooting environments that are safe, challenging and fun.

See our Targets in Action

Check out our clients enjoying their targets in various locations. Where will yours be?

Looking for a custom installation?

Visit our sister company, Big Boy Shooting Gallery, for full, fixed, nostalgic installations using modern materials and technology. Big Boy Shooting Galleries brings back the fun of boardwalk shooting games.