The only standalone target company offering

Automated, Modular,
Moving Targets

customizable to your specific needs.


Big Boy Shooting Galleries announces new product line, Big Boy Automated Targets (BBAT), an expansion of the company’s desire to design and manufacture products that make shooting fun, safe, and challenging.


Dedicated to fully automated and modular solutions, BBAT offers standalone targets tuned to tactical and advanced marksmanship training. The new product line offers target systems suitable for gun ranges as well as battery powered units used in the field by individuals, marksmanship professionals, and in competitions.

Big Boy Automated Targets Facts

Big Boy Automated Targets feature AR 5000 Construction and are suitable for Pistol Calibers, Rifle Calibers or .22s. Our targets are designed to be portable and modular. The following items are configurable upon order providing the most custom shooting experience possible.



Target Shape
and Color

Speed Control
and Direction

Our Products

Family Owned, Texas Bred

We are shooting enthusiasts, engineering geniuses, and lovers of Big Boy toys.

Founded by Jerry Watkins and Bill Bonjonia, Big Boy Automated Targets and its sister company, Big Boy Shooting Galleries, were born out of a desire to create training and shooting environments that are safe, challenging and fun.

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